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Planning Commission September 2018

Banks Township Planning Commission

Regular Meeting Minutes
September 11, 2018
6:00 p.m.

  1. Call to Order:
  2. Roll/ Recognition of visitors:
    1. Present: Bill Austin, Rick Diebold, Don Miles, Joni Wieland
    2. Absent: Tom Cooper
    3. Also present: Claire Karner, Irene Shooks, Tom Mann, Lynn & Greg Kirby, Kathy & Rick Luther, Heidi & Harrison Cooper, Maureen Frey, Judy Bradtke, Julie Waterman, Tim & Sandy Pienta, Jarris Rubingh, plus one more
  3. Approval of Minutes: MMS to approve with correction on voice vote (Old business) by Austin, Diebold. MC
  4. Public Hearing: None
  5. Public comment:
    1. Rick Luther: abide by the rules of the city with Air bnb
    2. Judy Bradtke: Lore Trail: Party city at 2 am. Called the police. No noise ordinance exists in the community, police can’t respond. If there are only quiet hours, will the police take care of it?
    3. Tom: sheriff is following up on that particular issue. Dan Bean feels the sheriff can not follow up on it, because it is not a county issue.
    4. Claire: in other counties, an extra fee can be paid to the county to cover costs and empower local county to answer call.
    5. Don explained previous police power ordinance that had gone to all townships in the county, and no one was interested.
    6. Tom suggested that it could start with the Antrim County Commissioners.
    7. Tim Pienta: sub committee set up? Has it met?
    8. Don: they are meeting, and continuing to put together a brochure for education on good neighbors.
    9. Joni: meeting will be held tomorrow, with volunteers
    10. Tom: trying to look at every side, getting things put together.
  6. Response and comment from commissioners: No further response
  7. Reports:
    1. Zoning Board of Appeals: None
    2. Zoning Administrator: Dave M.: as presented by phone to Irene
    3. Township Board representative: Tom C. Absent: Tom Mann gave a few highlights
    4. Planning Consultant: Claire K. 4 boards are back, she will transcribe the comments. Will look at 4.04, and maybe keep it on our list.
  8. Old Business:
    1. Report on Short Term Rental guidelines: Sept. meeting – Joni W. Had it set up, because of health issues, had to cancel last week’s meeting. Scheduled for Wednesday night. Hoping to get it directed to a larger group.
    2. Greenbelt educational brochure – distribution update – Irene talked to Donna, will come up with number that need to be mailed. Also, suggested providing to realtors.
    3. Police Power Ordinance – Short Term Rentals – Questions from the Township Board
    4. Question on STR not specifically in the zoning ordinance. This is still something we want to continue working on it. Board would like us to answer questions
  9. Public comment
    1. Dwelling maximum: Has already been violated. Has 8 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, has 2 septic. Has room for all the people for 20- 25; impacted everyone up and down subdivisions. People are building on annexes, We need a total of allowed people per house, somehow. People keep adding on,
    2. Greg Kirby: how are you going to verify? Suggest that the fines are appropriate enough to cover all costs. That should alleviate burden. Someone needs to make sure people are compliant, or punished enough that they won’t do it again. Do you need more enforcement people? Attorney fees need to be recouped.
    3. Set up ways to enforce compliance.
    4. Julie Waterman: My question is on out buildings. ZA told her maximum was 200 ft including overhangs. State of Mi does not require.
    5. ______________Why are commercial uses even allowed in a residential area. The question should not even come up.
    6. Jarris: if I had a rental, I would be sensitive to that. If you put guidelines together, the absentee owner could hire someone to comply with the rules.
    7. Lori: We are zoned C/R.
    8. ______what does that allow
    9. Claire: both districts currently do allow rentals
    10. ______________when will that occur?
    11. Tom: when we have a workable document for all, and have recourse. We are trying to expedite this as quickly as we can, legally checked over before moving
    12. Lynn Kirby: if we have a public hearing when people are not here? How do we know about it.
    13. Claire: I want to clarify what a short term rental really is.
  10. New Business/ announcements/correspondence:
    1. Master Plan Discussion (45-minute maximum)
      1. Claire presented the survey results, as sent out to commissioners. Lot of success doing an in school Master plan activities. Look at budget and decide? Could be proposed to the board.
      2. Next step: re-do cover, put in survey narrative, add summaries. I will send out information to you from the community boards.
      3. Next meeting,
      4. Ideas for action plan, and bring in ground truthing maps.
      5. Future land use plans to be done.
      6. We are staying on schedule.
      7. Discussion on background checks for renters.
      8. MTA regional meeting. Things related to the planning commission will be covered.
      9. Township Focus magazine had a good article. Don handed out copies of one article.
      10. Networks Northwest has a housing seminar available in Traverse City coming up.
      11. Claire will send out information on that.
  11. Next Meeting: October 9, 2018 at 4 p.m.
  12. Adjournment: MMS by Rick, Bill to adjourn. MC at 8:30