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Planning Commission June 2018

Banks Township Planning Commission

Regular Meeting Minutes
June 12, 2018
6:00 p.m.

  1. Call to Order by Chair Miles at 6:05 p.m.
  2. Roll/ Recognition of visitors:
    1. Present: Don Miles, Rick Diebold, Bill Austin, Joni Wieland
    2. Absent: Tom Cooper, Steve Parafin
    3. Also present: Irene Shooks, Claire Karner, Tom Mann, Andy Veenstra, Julie Waterman, Lynn Kirby, Judy & James Bradtke, Bill Hott, Fred & Shawn Hunt
  3. Rick Diebold was welcomed to the Commission
  4. Approval of Minutes: Motion by Austin, Wieland to approve minutes of May 8, 2018 Meeting MC
  5. Public Hearing: None
  6. Public comment: Residents of Lore Rd brought concerns about short term rentals on their road. Within one mile, there are 9 rentals, turned over to a management company that is not local. We would like a meeting of the people who are neighbors to property being used as short term rentals. How can this be addressed? Because this is happening in a residential area, how can it be governed. It shouldn’t be allowed.
  7. Response and comment from commissioners: The short term rental issue came before the commission in 2016, and an ordinance was drafted, which was overwhelmingly turned down by the public. We understand may be a growing concern, but it has been addressed.
  8. Reports:
    1. Zoning Board of Appeals: None
    2. Zoning Administrator: Andy V. since the last meeting, 4 permits issued. 2 more people wanting permits.
    3. Township Board representative: Tom C. absent Short term rentals letters have been forwarded to us.
    4. Planning Consultant: Claire K.: I am going to give the board an update on the procedure. Work plan is what we’re going over tonight. Going thru the survey. Ready to send out with boards approval. The public engagement strategy is set up. Zoning forms are ready to go forward.
  9. Old Business:
    1. Report on Short Term Rental guidelines: Distribution and Posting – Steve (absent)
    2. Review of Greenbelt educational brochure discuss distribution – Steve(absent)
    3. Discuss Revised Master Plan Survey
  10. New Business/ announcements/correspondence:
    1. Master Plan discussion:
      1. Demographic data discussion – Claire discussed the template that visually highlights things in the community. This helps give the commission a better perspective.
      2. Public Engagement Strategy discussion – Claire will present the survey to the township board on 6-18. Some minor changes were suggested by the PC members. It would be distributed in July, hosted on website, open one month.
      3. Future Land Use Activity –We handed it out before. Might be more productive to wait and visit it after the surveys come back. Zoning regulations in the districts may be all we need in that. (Later in process)
      4. Plan for Township Board Input
    2. Update on request for review of Sand and Gravel extraction ordinances – Claire
      1. No other instances of a 3 tiered system. (private or commercial). Claire submitted a summary. Don will follow up with Marv Rubingh on this subject
  11. Public comment: request for July 2016 minutes. This would be a FOIA request, and has to be addressed to the Township Clerk
  12. Next Meeting: July 10, 2018 (Election of Officers)
  13. Adjournment: MMS by Diebold, Wieland to adjourn. MC