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Planning Commission July 2018

Banks Township Planning Commission

Regular Meeting Minutes
July 10, 2018
6:00 p.m.

  1. Call to Order: by Chair Miles at 6:00 p.m.
  2. Roll/ Recognition of visitors:
    1. Present: Austin, Cooper, Diebold, Miles, Wieland
    2. Absent:
    3. Also present: Veenstra, Karner, Mann, Shooks, Kathy & Rick Luther, Laurie & Terry Grear, Julie Waterman, Greg Kirby, Judy Bradtke,
  3. Approval of Minutes: MMS by Diebold, Austin to approve June 12, 2018 minutes. MC
  4. Public Hearing: None
  5. Public comment: Audience expressed concern about rentals near their homes, and how they felt about absentee landowners renting property next door to them. They feel they have no way of complaining about the situation successfully.
  6. Response and comment from commissioners: no response at this time
  7. Reports:
    1. Zoning Board of Appeals: None
    2. Zoning Administrator: Andy V. 2 permits were issued for homes, and 1 for an outbuilding
    3. Township Board representative: Tom Cooper highlighted items from the board minutes
    4. Planning Consultant: Claire’s comments held till Business portion
  8. Old Business:
    1. Report on Short Term Rental guidelines: Brochure was discussed. Due to recent developments, brochure distribution will be held off.
    2. Review of Greenbelt educational brochure – one picture should be changed and reference made to the Zoning Ordinance on Greenbelts. Distribution discussion will be held in August after update.
  9. New Business/ announcements/correspondence:
    1. Election of Officers: MMS by Cooper, Austin that
      1. Chair would be Miles, Vice-chair Diebold, Secretary Wieland. MC Unanimous by Roll call vote
    2. Consideration of ordinances regarding Short-Term Rentals(STR): A police power ordinance (ppo) which had the essence of the regulation and enforcement language and a change to the zoning ordinance to indicate where short term rentals would be permitted were discussed. The ppo covered the definition of a STR , the need for an annual permit, and enforcement actions. The commissioners made several suggestions on revisions to the ppo. Claire noted changes the Commission suggested. She will incorporate appropriate changes and bring language on the ppo next month to the commission. The commission will then make a recommendation to the Township Board on the ppo. The commission will also consider next steps on the zoning ordinance at the next meeting.
    3. Master Plan Discussion
      1. Claire has had calls on the survey already, and copies will be available from Clerk Heeres at the Town Hall.
      2. Posters to be distributed.
        1. Town Hall Donna
        2. Front Porch Joni
        3. Good Samaritan Irene
        4. Tom will contact Friske’s, Joni will contact Work & Play, and EFE could possibly have one as well
      3. Commission looked at the maps, and suggested different overlays.
      4. Claire recommended using 2013 Natural resource document with some edits to add more detail about current issues related the Township is facing related to natural resources. Specifically, a section addressing ‘resiliency’ will be added to discuss coastal erosion/Lake Michigan water levels and inland flooding. A point will also be made about the role of leveraging natural resources in a sustainable manner for economic (e.g. Paddle Antrim).
  10. Public comment: Audience expressed their appreciation for the work the Commission has put in on the STR issue. Discussion about what to do until the issue is resolved happened. Antrim County Law officials have to respond to discharge of firearms, and fireworks after what the law allows. Question was raised as to whether we were seeking help to respond to the state legislature’s consideration of a bill about STR i (Affirmative).
  11. Next Meeting: August 14, 2018
  12. Adjournment: MMS by Diebold, Austin to adjourn at 7:40. MC

Joni Wieland, sec’y | Irene Shooks, rec/sec