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Planning Commission April 2018

Banks Township Planning Commission

Regular Meeting Minutes
April 10, 2018
6:00 p.m.

  1. Call to Order: by Chair Miles at 6:00 p.m.
  2. Roll/ Recognition of visitors:
    1. Present: Don Miles, Tom Cooper, Joni Wieland by speaker phone
    2. Absent: Bill Austin, Steve Parafin
    3. Also present: Claire Karner, Irene Shooks, Andy Veenstra, Fred & Shawn Hunt, Bill Hott, Matt Heeres
  3. Approval of Minutes: February 6, 2018 Meeting MMS by Cooper, Wieland to approve February’s minutes. MC
  4. Public Hearing: None
  5. Public comment:
    1. Bill Hott: I am asking about completed applications.
    2. Fred Hunt: We’re just here to keep an eye on the gravel pit application
    3. Matt Heeres: Are zoning permits changing:
    4. Don: Zoning permit requirements will not change. The ordinance addresses the need for a completed application before it is considered by the commission. Added a form for SUP and a checklist on what is needed for a completed SUP application.
    5. Matt: Matt is looking at buying some property to mine and eventually make development. It is zoned Ag, adjacent to a current gravel pit. On a 20-acre property, how many lots can I have? It would have to be a PUD. Andy said a % had to be reserved for common property.
    6. Don: Would need an SUP for sand and gravel extraction, then when that use is completed would need a SUP for a PUD if that is the use requested.
    7. Matt: Off road motorcycle racing event will be May 20’
    8. Matt has talked to Harry Drinkwine, and he feels all is cleared up with him. There will be campers from different states. 200 acres is the amount of acreage used for the event.
    9. Claire: Special events: My boss read the definition of a temporary use and thought that indicated that a permit would be required. Other communities have had a special event permit. Moving forward we might want to have a special events permit.
    10. Matt: There will be EMS and porta johns at the event. I don’t want to put up with a lot of crap. Its one day, for 3 hours.
    11. Matt:
    12. Don: Right now the ordinance doesn’t give us clear directions. We are charged to make certain that the public safety, health and welfare are considered for a land use. The ordinance states you are allowed up to 4 RV’s for 15 days, but it is not clear what is needed for a special event.
    13. Tom: We should require a permit for this type of event eventually, but let it be for now
    14. Matt: This event is AMA sanctioned, with liability included. The HS kids are doing concessions. Nonprofit event.
    15. Claire: Might want to consider a township permit, not zoning, in the future.
    16. Matt: All neighbors are aware
  6. Response and comment from commissioners:
  7. Reports:
    1. Zoning board of Appeals: none
    2. Zoning Administrator: Andy V. Andy has had 3 applications for buildings, and 1 that will go to the ZBA.
    3. Township Board representative: Tom C. highlighted items from the board minutes
    4. Planning Consultant: Claire K. no updates at this time
  8. Old Business:
    1. Report on Short Term Rental guidelines: Distribution and Posting – Steve (delayed to next month)
    2. Review of Greenbelt educational brochure, discuss distribution – Steve (delayed to next month)
    3. Complete Zoning Application Ordinance – Antrim County response – MMS by Cooper, Wieland, to send this application ordinance forward to the Township Board. MC
    4. Review of new Banks Township Zoning Forms – Claire explained the changes in the application forms. It will be available on-line, and different sections (as needed) will be available to fill out online. MMS by Wieland, Cooper to send it forward to the Township Board for review. MC
  9. New Business/ announcements/correspondence:
    1. Overview of Master Plan Scope Document– Claire reviewed the approach to looking at the Master Plan
    2. First review of Master Plan TimeLine – Claire reviewed the timeline she prepared. We are hoping for a joint meeting with the Township Board, hopefully in June
    3. Review of Master Plan Survey – Claire advised looking at this when more members were available.
    4. Question regarding Permit for Off road racing event – Don discussed the question about no permit needed for Matt Heeres. The event will take place May 20. As of now, we have nothing in the ordinance addressing this type of event.
    5. Report on the “No Serious Consequences” training – Steve delayed to next month)
  10. Public comment:
    1. Bill: Change is coming. The state is coming down on the watershed, outlawing current asphalt sealant. Sealant companies need to use a new sealer. When you talked about ag land. Does it have to be farmed 50%? Differences are the tax purposes. His property was changed 18 years ago, but he’s in Charlevoix County.
    2. Don: Zoning is for the use of the land, not necessarily the same classification for taxes.
    3. Claire: County equalization is the classifying unit. The zoning map may not be the same.
    4. Claire: For the master plan it may be wise to see how many properties are claiming ag use.
    5. Shawn: We visited new park, and it’s beautiful
    6. Tom: The park had a big washout, but it will be fixed
  11. Next Meeting: May 8, 2018
  12. Adjournment: MMS by Cooper, Wieland to adjourn. MC

Joni Wieland, sec’y Irene Shooks, rec/sec