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June 2015

Banks Township Board Meeting

Monday, June 15, 2015

1. The meeting was called to order at 7 P.M. by Supervisor Thomas Mann. Present were Supervisor Mann, Clerk Donna Heeres, Treasurer Katy Postmus, Trustee Tom Cooper and Trustee David Rasmussen. Also present: Mary Ann Scott, Walter Murphy, Shirley Tornga, Tina Sundelius, Lynn Spearing, Hugh Campbell, Dave Heeres, Marv Rubingh. Jerry Rasmussen arrived at 7:18. Sheriff Dan Bean arrived at 7:20. Supervisor Mann led the Pledge of Allegiance and gave the Invocation.

2. Public comment: Hugh Campbell, Village President, addressed the Board regarding crowd funding for the Lemond Property acquisition and phase one improvements. It is scheduled to run for 30 days beginning in July.

3. Public comment: Walter Murphy addressed the Board on behalf of the Banks Township Historical Society. The society expects to receive a donation of a house and small acreage, complete with new roof and repairs to the exterior, in the near future. He reported that the front door to the museum needs to be replaced and the society would like to consider a door that is more historically fitting for the building. He will get back with us with pictures and costs. Shirley Tornga asked for more frequent law enforcement patrol of the area of the stone house that is to be received. She reported the Mackinaw Trolley will again be giving tours during the Pig Roast Festival. The Museum will be open on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month through September. She announced that the Society had again given $1500 towards the cemetery marker restoration project.

4. Citizen of the Year: Supervisor Mann and Clerk Heeres made the presentation of Citizen of the Year for 2015 to Shirley Tornga for her tireless work to preserve the history of Banks Township and her commitment to the Community of Banks Township.

5. Public Comment: Marv Rubingh asked to participate during the Planning Commission report.

6. Sheriff Report: Sheriff Dan Bean presented his annual report for 2014 that was recently approved by the Antrim County Board of Commissioners. The 911 report showed 14 fewer calls in May of 2015 vs 2014 (79 to 65). There were 22 traffic stops in the township in May 2015. He reported one of his dispatchers died suddenly recently, creating another shortage of personnel within his department. He has investigated the reported accidents on Marion Center Road in Banks Township at our request. Over the past 3 years, there were 12 property damage and 4 personal injury accidents, one was a fatality. Supervisor will pass this information to the road commission with our concerns that repairs are needed to this stretch of roadway. The Sheriff agreed to step up road patrols on the Ellsworth Community Park, Banks Township Park and the stone house at our request. Reports of vandalism at the township park as reported by park workers was shared with the Sheriff. He asked that vandalism at the Banks Township Park be reported promptly so investigation can begin. He suggested a trail cam, motion detector type be placed at various places around the township to enable law enforcement to better investigate vandalism. Discussion was held on the reported road block placed on Skyline Drive.

7. Minutes: The minutes of the May 18, 2015, regular Board Meeting were presented. MOTION by Rasmussen, seconded by Cooper, to approve the minutes as presented. MOTION CARRIED. The minutes of the May 27, 2015, special Board Meeting were presented. . MOTION by Postmus seconded by Rasmussen, to approve the minutes as presented. MOTION CARRIED.

8. Township Hall: Supervisor Mann expressed sincere appreciation to Jerry Rasmussen for his efforts to resolve the serious issues at the township hall the past several weeks. The septic issues were created as a result of Consumers Energy replacing an electric pole on our property that drilled into the drain line to the septic tank, created blockage in the line and backups in the toilets. Unfortunately, this occurred over a weekend when the building was rented on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Refunds of rental fees were approved since renters were not able to use the toilets or sinks and had to take home dirty dishes. Thank you to the Village of Ellsworth for the use of the porta-potties for the guests to use while here. The Board agreed to submit bills for expenses and lost revenues to Consumers. Supervisor will ask for a company representative to come to our July meeting to discuss the wrong service being placed and the hole in the septic drain.

9. Township Hall Building Committee: Bids were received from two construction firms: Jordan Construction and CDS. The committee reviewed them and had difficulty with interpreting them. Requested Patrick Machin, engineer who is helping with the project, come to a special meeting to explain the bids to the Board before action to award the bids is taken. The electrical upgrade is not moving at all. Will continue to call daily in an effort to get this project completed.

10. The treasurer’s report of incomes and balances was given. General Fund Balance: $258,058.06 with $180,000 due from the Fire Fund; Fire Fund Balance: $68,863.16; Roads Fund Balance: $185,711.16; Vehicle Fund Balance: $90,072.49; Liquor Fund Balance: $1368.81; Grand Total: $604,073.68.

11. Bills represented by the attached list were presented for payment, including refund checks for renters. MOTION Postmus, seconded by Heeres, to pay the bills as presented. Roll Call Vote: Postmus: Yes; Rasmussen: Yes; Copper: Yes; Mann: Yes; Heeres: Yes. MOTION CARRIED.

12. Zoning Administrator: Andy Veenstra is on vacation. Clerk reported 1 permit was issued last week, for a new home, and several phone calls. The Board was updated on an encroachment issue in Timberlane Terrace subdivision.

13. Planning Commission: Amendment language is being developed to allow two lots on a 20 acre parcel. The PC will discuss the meaning of “ordinance of record” and how it impacts further splits along with minimum width requirements of parcels on lake front lots in Ag. Public Comment: Marv Rubingh commented on the proposal and stated that a minimum width needs to be a part of the Ag requirements along with a minimum size of 20 acres for the parent parcel.

14. Ambulance Authority: Supervisor Mann reported that the ambulance authority is still working with the City of East Jordan on a lease agreement for the building and administrative policies.

15. Correspondence: Clerk shared minutes of the Village Council meeting, NLEA reports, NW MI Housing Summit on June 19, Antrim COA Picnic on August 13, Paddle Antrim updates, MTA membership letter and report that the water tank valve at the Ellsworth Cemetery is leaking. (Trustee Rasmussen with investigate this leak.)

16. Roads: Email received from Road Commission with traffic counts: Slough Road: 87; Scott Road: 25; Church Road north of Atwood: 73. Email from Burt Thompson with response to questions: Chip Sealing expected to be done in July. Contract for North Dennis Road Repairs: MOTION Heeres, seconded by Rasmussen, to approve the contract and authorize the Supervisor to sign it. CARRIED 5 Yeas. Estimates for shoulder gravel buildup were given. Evaluation of Marion Center Road issues and crash history is being done. Lakeshore Drive test strips for mud control are being tested. Supervisor will continue communication with Road Commission, Burt Thompson and District 1 Commissioner on issues of warranty for road repairs.

17. Planning Consultant: Two candidates have expressed interest in working for Banks Township. Interviews will be set up for July 8 along with meeting with engineer for the township hall access renovation project.

18. FOIA Policy: Policy as developed by MTA & our legal counsel was presented. MOTION Rasmussen, seconded by Cooper, to adopt the policy for Freedom of Information Requests and post it on our website. Roll Call vote: Postmus: Yes; Cooper: Yes; Rasmussen: Yes; Mann: Yes; Heeres: Yes. CARRIED. Effective Date of Policy is July 1, 2015.

19. Assessor Compensation: Discussion regarding compensation for special meeting that the Assessor was requested to attend was held. Clerk will contact Amy Jenema for her input.

20. Meeting Times: Discussion on changing the meeting time for all Board meetings was held. Consideration of 6 PM vs 7 PM. Will discuss further at July meeting.

21. Public Comment: Marv Rubingh commended the Board on the work being done on behalf of the township.

22. The meeting was adjourned at 10 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Donna L. Heeres
Banks Township Clerk