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Guideline for House Numbering Signs

The Antrim County 911 ordinance doesn’t state how far off the road or on what side of the driveway the sign should be placed, it just says that it has to be visible from the road. It does say that the numbers have to be a minimum of three inches in height, a contrasting color to the back ground and visible from both direction, also that the minimum height to top of the sign is four feet.

The Fire Chief suggests to place it near the end of your drive way in such a way that it can easily be seen from both directions at night when you’re in a hurry.

Also if you are going to set a post near the road, it’s a good idea to call MISS-DIG-811 to make sure you don’t cut an underground utility.

The complete ordinance is available at:

antrimcounty.org/ordinances.asp under Street and Road Numbering

Sign placement is covered on page four.

Property Owners can order house numbering signs from the Area Seniors for $20 each. Please call 231-350-8835 to place your order.