6520 Center Street, PO Box 68
Ellsworth, Michigan 49729
Phone: 231-588-6126
Email: bankstownship@bankstownship.net

Ellsworth/Banks Township Town Center Mission

The mission of the Ellsworth/Banks Township Town Center is to be a true Community Center where residents and non-residents of Ellsworth and the surrounding area can engage in community social, cultural, recreational, educational, civic and governmental activities. The Center will provide access to and opportunities for people of all ages to participate in a wide scope of programs and activities that educate, stimulate and promote self-confidence, mental and physical health.

Our vision includes enhanced esthetics of the downtown corridor and economic viability for our shops, eating establishments and gas station by promoting parking, providing relaxation facilities, access to restroom facilities, access to governmental offices and services.  Additionally, the Town Center will serve as a gathering place for citizens for such activities as Christmas tree lighting events, community celebrations, private & public events.

Potential enhancement to our governmental center, aka the Township Hall, for enjoyment of residents and visitors for private as well as public events, is also a consideration. 

Additionally, waste water treatment for this center is overdue for enhancement and enlargement of the site will allow adequate facility for this purpose.

The Banks Township Board and Ellsworth Village Council hereby adopt this Mission Statement to provide guidance for both groups in their quest to better serve the residents, visitors and business community.

Motion to adopt the above mission statement for the “Town Center” of Banks Township was made by Supervisor Mann, seconded by Trustee Rasmussen, and approved by all members of the Board present.

Adopted February 18, 2013 by Banks Township Board.

Donna L. Heeres

Banks Township Clerk